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1300 JUNIOR ZAGATO 1972 LHD 47,500 EU

Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Zagato 1972 LHD

I am happy to announce I have been able to find yet another excellent Junior Zagato! 

"Styled by Ercole Spada at the height of his powers. Although initially his design on the Alfa 105-series theme wasn't warmly received when it was unveiled in 1969, his style was often copied in a second stage, not least the first generation Honda CR-X, but none matches the purity of the template-setting original...

Based on the Spider platform, it's around 90 Kg lighter than the regular GT Junior/GTV and has a smaller frontal area...

It feels better balanced than any other 105-series Alfa...

Comparatively few were made (1.108 examples of the 1300) so finding one is the tricky bit. It's well worth the effort."

Octane magazine April 2015.

Well, what can I say more?

That I have a very, very nice 1300 example for sale. Original colour and with certification letter from Alfa Romeo Storico and from Zagato.

After its arrival from Italy, we have done a full check-up of the car and have passed the Belgian MOT, so all you need to do is get in and drive!

Price: 47.500 Euro

Bernard Marreyt

Mobile 0032 475 26 78 65


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