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Located in Canary Island, this 1981 Alfetta GTV 2.0 is in original condition, never restored but very well maintained, no rust and no corrosion.

It has a real 110.000 Km, originally equipped with AC, currently was removed in this condition I bought the car, I have all the AC parts but I don´t have information about their shape. Upholstery is the original. No cracks on the dashboard.

Two original steering wheels available, one wooden and other one leather; also the original knob is available.

Parts recently changed:

  • Water refrigeration radiator
  • Front wheels bearings kit
  • Clutch master  and sleeve cylinders
  • Three propeller shaft DOUGHNUTS
  • Three Gearbox mountings

Please don´t hesitate to contact for further information (French, English, and Spanish).

Price (15.000 €) includes shipping by container to the main European ports.

The reason for the sale is to start a Montreal restoration project.

Contact details:

Mobil: +34 629 345 205


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