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Miller's EPS Ethanol Protection E10 Fuel Treatment – 250ml One Shot

  • Protects fuel systems from corrosion caused by E10 fuel
  • Carburettor anti-icing formula
  • Compatible with catalytic converters.
  • Avoid the need for expensive super unleaded petrol
  •  Reducing fossil fuels contributing to lower CO2 emissions.

E10 petrol contains 10% ethanol, which although helps reduce carbon emissions, also has corrosive properties that can cause significant damage to fuel systems. The Miller's EPS E10  fuel treatment  helps protects against the harmful effects of ethanol for E10 compatible vehicles. Simply add to E10 petrol each time you refuel to preserve your car's engine components.

* In Summer 2021, the standard petrol in the UK will change to E10 (Early 2022 in Northern Ireland).  E10 fuel contains up to 10% Bioethanol and is expected to help cut carbon emissions. Many cars that have been manufactured pre 2011 are not suitable for the new E10 unleaded fuel. Before purchasing this product, please visit the Government website and enter your registration number to check your cars compatibility with the new E10 fuel.

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