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Track Day Report 2010

23rd Jul 2010
Track Day Report 2010

Here are some pictures and a report on our great track day at Goodwood in 2010.

Classic Alfa GoodwoodTrack Day Report 2010

Glorious spring weather greeted the 2010 Classic Alfa Goodwood track day as a full house of over 30 cars and drivers assembled for a day’s running on this legendary circuit.

With cars ranging from Paul Morris’s lovely Giulietta Sprint through to James Wheeler’s growling Montreal, there was a great variety on the track at all times.

By late morning the paddock overflowed with more than 50 visiting Alfas (and other interesting machines), most notably Alain de Cadanet’s wonderful 8C 2300 which he has owned for over 40 years – he bought it when he couldn’t afford a Giulietta Spider and it’s turned out to be a pretty canny purchase! As he'd dropped by on the off chance, we tried to get him out on the track for everyone's enjoyment but unfortunately he couldn’t get it to pass the noise test so couldn’t run in anger on the track. He did however get to take part in the popular lunchtime parade, which saw a large number of Alfas of all ages and styles take to the track for a couple of demonstration laps.

Prize for the most laps of the day must go to one of our US visitors, Craig Donaldson in his yellow ochre Giulia Super. He just kept lining up and taking it around again and again. It was great to see him having fun in this very original car and showed just how much track time you can have if you want to!

A great day was had by all with plenty of track time, beautiful sunshine and lots of socialising in the paddock amongst all the participants and visitors. We hope that some of you can join us at our open day on the 25th September.

Photos of participants on the day are available from Ken Carrington at

All Images are copyright Ken Carrington, Andrew Stevens & Nick Mawby.

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