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Overhauled gearbox to suit mechanical clutch cars 1962-67. Gearbox stripped, all syncros carriers updated to later type to allow the use of currently available moly type syncro rings and bearings checked and replaced where worn and then rebuilt with new oil seals. We use OEM quality Goetze rings in all our rebuilt gearboxes. These are much harder wearing than the reproduction rings and will ensure your gearbox will retain the slick change always intended by Alfa Romeo in period! 

Please note that this part sold on an exchange basis and the price is £845 + £350 surcharge. We will  refund £350.00 to you on receipt of your old gearbox in rebuildable condition.

Please note - due to the limited supply of mechancial clutch gearboxes currently, we cannot always offer an exchange service. We can arrange to have your gearbox rebuilt in need. Please enquire for more details.

For 1300 cars or cars fitted with a short 5th gear please email for availability. 

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