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Classic Alfa August 2012 Track Day Report

Shortly after our June track day Goodwood Motor Circuit contacted us to say they had a spare Saturday available in August due to a cancellation and would we like to take it. After the great response to our June day, we decided to go ahead and offer it to our customers, widening the usual scope of the entry to include some later model Alfas as well.



Over 25 cars and drivers registered to take part, ranging from a 101 Series Giulia Spider through to Alex Jupe’s 3.5l engined Alfetta GTV6 and Richard Merrell’s rapid GTA Replica racer all the way down from Scotland.

We also welcome a good number of standard specification cars to take part as well as there is no competitive element to the day, just the opportunity to exercise your car in a safe and fun manner. You don’t need lots of power to have fun on the Goodwood circuit!





There were also a huge range of spectator vehicles scattered around the paddock as well, not just Alfas, but a wide range of classic cars. The lunchtime track parade was a popular feature for visiting Alfas as well.

One feature of this particular day (perhaps because it was late summer and the sun was shining!) was the fact that as well as many of the familiar faces taking part, we also saw a number of people taking to the track for the first time, as well as some people returning after an absence, which was great to see.




Goodwood ‘s great atmosphere contributes a lot to the day and helps maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere where everybody mingles and has a good time. Also, the amount of track time available for all participants on this fantastic circuit means that everyone has more than they need and queuing is minimal especially in the afternoon.

With lots of track time, beautiful warm weather and a lot of socialising amongst all the participants and visitors, it was once again a great Track Day.