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Classic Alfa June 2012 Goodwood Track Day Report

Our traditional June 2012 Goodwood track day saw over 30 cars and drivers registered to take part, along with many more spectator vehicles scattered around the paddock. Every year the day grows as a spectator event and this year there were well over a hundred people through the gate who either just called in for an hour or so to see what was going on or who stayed for most of the day to enjoy the Alfa action and the huge array of cars in the paddock.



On track, the cars ranged from quite standard machines through to all out racers, with almost all variations in between, with the common denominator being that everyone was having fun.








Terrible rain leading up to the weekend had left us in some doubt as to what the day might bring, but once again we were incredibly lucky and the sun shone for nearly the entire day with some ominous clouds just sailing by!


One of the best aspects of the day is the relaxed atmosphere in the paddock as everybody mingles, checking out the cars and discussing the on-track antics. Also, the amount of track time available for all participants on this fantastic circuit means that everyone has more than enough and there is little queuing between sessions.


We always like to encourage the more standard specification cars to take part in our track day as there is no pressure and they are non-competitive and therefore the ideal opportunity to exercise your car in a safe and fun manner. You don’t need a high powered machine to have fun on the track at Goodwood – it’s a fast track so you can test your car’s handling characteristics near the limit or just enjoy the circuit for what it is.


With lots of track time, clear weather and a lot of socialising amongst all the participants and visitors, it was generally agreed to be our best track day to date. Goodwood is a unique, historic racing circuit with its own special atmosphere and is a great place to exercise your classic Alfa so please mark your calendar for our additional track day on August 18th and come and have a look!