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News - Scottish Haul

We are regularly offered Alfas in various states of condition, from rusty wrecks suitable only for spare parts through to near Concours condition cars, but few offers matched what we discovered when we were contacted by a garage in Scotland with a deal for us.
This garage has worked on Alfas for many years and along the way had collected a number of projects that they wanted to clear out. This conveniently coincided with us being contacted by the Scottish based owner of a 1959 Giulietta Sprint, owned by Richard some 20 years previously, who offered the car back to him, along with some additional parts and a burnt out wreck of a Giulietta Spider.
When the deal was all done, we ended up with a 1978 Kamm-tail Spider, a 1967 1300 GT Junior, an Italian registered Nuova Super and a part restored factory RHD 2600 Spider along with the aforementioned Giuliettas.

Normally the cost of transporting a non-running car from Edinburgh to London would make the deal too expensive, but the chance to combine six cars into one shipment made it worthwhile and once we found a suitable haulier (with an impressive twin level truck and trailer combination) the cars were on their way.

Their arrival and unloading at Classic Alfa disrupted the office as the sight of any rusty old Alfa with a bit of potential always provides some excitement and usually results in seeing who can get the engine running and do a lap of the trading estate first!
The 2600 Spider and the Giulietta Sprint have quickly found new homes to continue their restorations, while the GT Junior is now in our body shell programme. The 2000 Spider and Nuova Super were beyond restoration, so are now being dismantled for their useful parts. The fire damaged Giulietta Spider has yielded up a few parts, but sitting outside in Scottish weather for a number of years after being burnt out meant that there was little we could salvage other than suspension and brake components.

If you have an abandoned project or even a lovely car in great condition we are interested in buying it, no matter where! Call Richard Norris on 020 8679 0707.