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Beautifully made inner door trim panel to suit all Sprint GTs and GTVs as well as GT Juniors and 1750 GTV Mk 1 models. Done in the correct style and material and includes the metal trim pieces as well. This part number is for the left hand door trim/card. You need to order IN036-R for the right hand side as well.

Please note - all door trim panels are only available as a matched pair. We list them separately for your information, but they must be ordered as a matching pair.

Installation tip – these panels from Italy, whilst being the only high quality reproduction early GT door panel available, have been made with too much foam padding at the very top of the panel. This prevents the panel from sliding fully under the stainless steel trim strip at the top of the door and gives the impression that the panel is too tall. If you unstaple the vinyl along the top and trim back the foam by about ¾” / 2cm and then re-attach the staples the panel will slide into the correct position far more easily. We are trying to persuade the manufacturer to alter the panels but it may take some time!”