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Various 105 series and 116 series engine blocks for sale.


AR001608 - 1750 engine, running with Weber Carbs. It's an Alfetta block but fitted with 105 oil pan etc. so will fit straight into a 1750 GTV / Spider. The head is original 105 series - £1,200+tax with carbs.

All the following require rebuild or are unknown condition -

Spica injected 2000 engine - £700+tax

AR00526/A - 1600cc with spin on oil filter (original 1970's) - £500+tax

AR00530 - Early 1300cc with canister oil filter (will also fit a 101 series car and look correct) - £750+tax

AR01608 - Alfetta 1800cc with spin on oil filter (but would fit 1750GTV / Spider) - £250+tax

AR01544 - 1980's 2000 Spider?? - £500+tax


AR001608 - Alfetta 1800 - £150+tax

AR00512 - 2000GTV / Spider / Berlina - Not available. 

AR00548 - 1750 GTV / Spider / Berlina - £600+tax

AR00530 - Early 1300 Spider / GT Junior / Saloon. Can also be made to fit a Giulietta 101 series and look correct as it has a spin on oil filter - £400+tax

Please enquire -

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