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Classic Alfa race suspension kit. Designed & updated for us by the legendary ex-Autodelta driver and leading UK suspension consultant Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey. Comprises 29mm front anti-roll bar (sway bar), Superflex mounting rubbers, complete droplinks & front and rear springs. When fitted on post 1968 cars, we recommend the removal of the rear anti-roll bar (sway bar) as the rear spring rates are uprated and it is important to keep the rear suspension as compliant as possible for maximum traction.

The springs in this race version are further uprated (the front springs for example are 30% stiffer than those in our SU110 fast road kit). They lower the car by approximately 60mm (2.5 inches) from the standard ride height (approximately 20mm more than the fast road kit).

Please specify the model and year of your car, as pre 1968 cars require some extra parts to convert to the later style droplinks (SU109+SU130). Can also be supplied with the later blade style anti-roll bar (part number SU114/1) and ball joint type drop links if required which we would recommend. Please enquire for pricing and details.

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