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A pair of outer headlight seals  - fit between the outer rim and the headlight lens to waterproof the headlight bowls.

Fits (according to parts books) all Carello headlamp cars as follows:
750 Series Sprints from chassis number 1493.05801 onwards, Sprint Veloces from 1493.06043 onwards and all 101 Series Sprints.
All 101 Series Spiders
All Ti Saloons up to chassis number 1468.17750
All Berlinas from chassis 1488.17701 to 1488.24930
All Sprint Zagatos
All Sprint Speciales up to chassis number 101.20.00200

Also used on the outer 7 inch headlight on some models of 102 Series (2000) and 106 Series (2600) Sprints as well. Can also be used on Stepfront GTs.

See also 750-216/1 for a thinner section version of this seal to fit other 750 and 101 Series models.  

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