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Here is a great opportunity to build a proper 105-Series Alfa Romeo race car!   Just to let you know that I run the HRDC 'Classic Alfa Challenge' for 750-116 Alfa Romeos and have been involved in building, racing, buying and selling historic Alfa Romeo race cars for 40+ years.   When I came across this shell, it was orphaned. Rejected from a road car restoration when it was found that it was a re-shelled car, originally LHD and converted to RHD. The repairs were badly executed and the restorer rejected the shell as unsuitable for the task. Looking at it closely, it became apparent that every area where a race car would demand new panels, this car required. Therefore the logic in restoring this shell as a race car was sound, as we do this to all our race cars.   I entrusted the work to well-known Alfa Romeo 'Race Guru'  Richard Drake. Having worked with him over the past three decades on many successful race projects, I knew that Richard's skills and fastidious attention to detail would resurrect this once forlorn road shell into a proper race shell. Richard set to work and, although a demanding task, it was very much that of a straightforward restoration process.   Work included but not limited to: Fitting of new 3-piece sills 4 x floor panels New boot floor Lower A & B-post repair panels Lower front & rear wing repair panels Chassis rails Inner wing race strengthening inserts new front valence Lower inner wing repair panels Repanelled doors (Steel) Supply of Bonnet & Bootlid (Steel) Seam welding Fitting of new FIA full (front & Rear) race cage.   This project is very close to being finished and will be supplied in primer (inside/outside/underneath).   If you require running gear, I can supply a donor (requiring rebuild) engine/gearbox/rear axle for a further £5,000 + VAT (only as part of the purchase of this shell).   The three main classes in the HRDC 'Classic Alfa Challenge' are: CORSA:    Full race cars MONZA:   FIA race cars NORD:     Road Sports cars     This shell is available for viewing with: RICHARD DRAKE in NORWICH   JULIUS THURGOOD 07850 361159

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