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BR013 FRONT FERODO BRAKE DISC - 1300/1600 (1967-77)

Italian made standard front brake disc (267mm o/d) to fit 1300/1600cc ATE braked cars from about 1967 onwards. Diameter 267mm. If you have a 1966-67 1600cc Roundtail Spider or a Sprint GT Veloce please check the diameter of your discs as you may need the early ATE (BR075, 265mm) disc instead. Note that most 1.6 Spider Juniors from 1985 onwards and some South African model GT Junior from 1973-77 use the larger brake disc - BR014.  Sold individually, but we strongly recommend that you replace discs as a pair. Please note, these discs are supplied with right hand threaded studs. If you desire to retain the original left hand threaded specification studs, these can be easily removed from the old disc or new ones are available under WH026/1

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