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New production (ultra light) of 13 inch GTAm replica alloy wheels, in heat-treated alloy (9" version only 5.4kg!) and fitted with steel inserts to allow regular wheel changing without wheel damage. Perfect for your widebodied GTAm replica project - these wheels give you the correct period look. Available in 8 inch and 9 inch versions. ** Please note these wheels will fit over a 1300/1600 ATE caliper and also over our big brake conversion kit. If you are using 1750/2000 ATE calipers you need to modify the caliper body to get clearance. ** PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM, PRODUCTION TIME WILL TAKE APPROXIMATELY 4 WEEKS. Please specify at the end of the order which size is required.  A good tyre to look at is the Avon ZZR 215/55 R13 -

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