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Heat treated version of our 5.5 x 15" TZ/Ti Super replica alloy wheel for competition use. Tooling designed from an original Alfa/Campagnolo wheel copied in every detail including the original strengthening ribs on the rear and vent hole profile.

Will also fit on some 750 & 101 series cars as well, with careful checking of tyre to wheelarch clearance. Please enquire if needed.

Wheel offset is ET 36, weight approximately 7.8kg per wheel. Also available in non-heat treated form - see code WH040

Also, our wheels have steel wheel stud inserts fitted to allow regular wheel changing without damaging the wheel - essential on a competition wheel like this. Cheaper alloy wheels have the stud hole just machined in the alloy. 

Price is per wheel.

If you are looking for a sporting / competition tyre we recommend the excellent Avon CR6 ZZ, see here -

For most 750 & 101 Series applications, see WH017 / WH017/1 and WH017/2 for 5" versions of this wheel.  Also available under item code WH040/1 is a version fitted with hubcap clips to enable the car to be run with hubcaps for those who want the advantage of a lighter and stronger wheel, but to maintain an original style appearance.

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