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Alfa 33 Stradale Prototipo Body Set * UPDATED May 2023 *

30th Mar 2020
Alfa 33 Stradale Prototipo Body Set * UPDATED May 2023 *

FEB 2022 - We have now set up a Facebook Group for owners of the body sets so they can share photos and build ideas.

You will be emailed a link when you buy a body set.

I first saw the 33 Stradale Prototipo in 1991 at the “Alfa Romeo Sport Through Design” exhibition and ever since that day dreamed of one day owning one. However, with just a handful of production cars ever made they never come to the market and, if one did, the price would be stratospheric (circa 10 million Euros!).

Enquiring further, I learned that a well-known and very talented Italian fabricator had access to the original hammer buck as he had been friends with Carlo Chiti (of Autodelta). He had, on occasion, made “a few” nut and bolt Stradale Prototipo replicas including the H pattern chassis with bag fuel tanks inside. These were still extremely expensive as they had a lot of “as original” 33 components in them which were very costly to source (especially in very low volumes).

Later in the 1990’s one of my customers decided he would like to build something of his own here in the UK and managed to persuade the fabricator to sell him just a Stradale Prototipo bodyshell. Beautifully made in aluminium - the prototype design with four headlights and large rear side vents is generally considered to be better looking than the simplified final production cars. Over the next few years these panels were painstakingly jigged up and moulds made of each section including moulds created for the front windscreen, side windows and rear window. This was a precursor to making a complete set of composite body panels.

A first car was built and later displayed at the 2016 London Classic Car show using a Vauxhall VX220 / Lotus chassis with which the Stradale shares very similar dimensions!

The completed car demonstrates the excellent panel, glazing and perspex fit.

At this point Classic Alfa, having followed the project with great interest for many years, decided to make some additional body sets in partnership with the project owner with a view to meeting the market demand for a Stradale Prototipo recreation.

The London show car was rather compromised by the TZ2 influenced wheels so we have had the Lotus wishbones redesigned and found an alternative brake set up that has allowed us to have a 15” version of the dished Stradale wheel made in Italy.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this incredible car design icon, last year we started producing a limited, numbered run of 33 of these body sets which comprise the following –

  • Front “clam” / bonnet
  • Central body section
  • Rear “clam”
  • Headlamp mounting panels (pair)
  • Doors with carbon/Kevlar layer for extra strength
  • Laminated windscreen with correct blue tinted strip at the top
  • Perspex rear window and door windows
  • Perspex headlight covers

The price for this panel set is £19,000 export (add VAT for UK orders) and only 10-12 sets can be produced per year (up to the total of 33 sets). 

** 2024 - We have one set left available - when it's gone it's gone! **

Worldwide shipping is no problem, we have custom made wooden shipping crates and have so far sent sets to France, USA, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand.

We also have LHD Stradale style dashboards in fibreglass, headlights, rear lights, 13” or 15” wheels, tyres, instruments, windscreen seals and various other items available to purchase separately to help complete your project.

Chassis Options

Chassis choices are varied – Customers can “do their own thing” with their own bespoke chassis, buy a chassis from companies like McKernan Restoration (more on this further down) or pursue the VX220/Lotus (or Opel Speedster for left-hand drive) route. This latter solution, if you can put in some of the build hours yourself, allows completion of a road legal car on a very reasonable budget and for which we can supply our modified suspension and brake kit allowing you to fit our fantastic 15” Stradale style wheels specially designed for the VX / Lotus chassis. Nine W Race Engineering in Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK are currently building a car on the VX / Lotus platform - see photos below. The cost to do such a build would be £60-75,000 including donor car and would depend on how much work you did yourself. You can see in these photos how much we have improved the look using re-designed wishbones and new wheels.

A UK based company have designed and built a prototype chassis that is very close in design to the original Autodelta chassis and uses readily available suspension and brake components. Rough costings to build a car with a bespoke chassis would be at least £120,000 as you have the cost of the chassis, plus the body set, plus engine and gearbox and then paintwork, interior trim, wiring etc.  

UK built chassis with Maserati 4200 engine

If you live in Australia / New Zealand / Japan - you should get in touch with McKernan Restoration - they are building three cars at the moment and have a very nice chassis in development - see their website and social media pages.


Here is another car, in partly built form on a custom tubular chassis.

Unpainted panel set on a tubular chassis and our 13" wheels

For further reading about the 33 Stradale design this is an excellent article -

Please contact Richard Norris at Classic Alfa for further information

tel. +44 (0)20 8688 4443

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