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Oil pump. New 2020 production (improved gear material and correct size mounting holes). Includes the three mounting bolts. Fits cars from 1966 onwards.

Gear length is 36mm (as on the later uprated pumps).

Installation tip - 

When you fit the pump you have to tighten it in place (but not completely tighten) and then put your finger up inside the front cover (or you can put a screwdriver down the distributor mounting hole) and rock the oil pump gear back and forwards. You then tap the body of the oil pump with a soft mallet and move it around until the gear feels like it rotates freely. Once you have found the "sweet spot" tighten the oil pump securely using the provided bolts. If the gear will not move freely then the shaft is slightly bent or under pressure and will fail – often after a few hours driving. This mounting method was true of original Alfa Romeo pumps as well as the reproduction item.

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