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Carburettor rubber mount to suit 40mm Weber, Dellorto and Solex carburettors. Used on all 105 series GT/GTV, Saloons and Spiders, early 116 4 cylinder as well as 101 Series Veloce cars. Normally 4 required per car, but can be used in conjunction with the 'siamesed' mount available under item code FL015 (which covers the two centre ports) in which case you only need two single mounts. Paper gaskets for each side of the mounts (manifold side and carburettor side) are available under code FL021. You may also require a new inlet manifold gasket when fitting new carb mounts as well. See code FL022 for the gasket to suit most 105 Series cars. See part FL109 for the appropriate nuts.     See part # FL081 for black alloy OEM look mounts. 

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