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Classic Alfa 57 litre foam filled aluminium competition fuel tank designed to fit in the boot of a 105 Series GT or GTV while allowing you to carry up to two spare wheels - ideal for track days and rally cars.

Designed by us as a development on from Jim Evans' much used (and copied!) race tanks and beautifully made in the UK by a leading motorsport aluminium fabrication company.

The tank features an internal collector for the fuel pickup to prevent fuel starvation and negating the need for an external swirl pot. The tank includes, as standard, more safety features than any other tank on the market:

  • A one-way breather valve that will not allow the fuel to escape in the event of the car rolling over - this part is not included with most advertised race tanks
  • Safety foam filled to prevent a void in the tank of potentially explosive vapour and reduce the chance of fuel spray in the event of a tank rupture
  • It's location between the rear shock absorber mounts places it as far forward as possible in the car to minimise the risk of damage in the event of a heavy rear end impact. This central position also improves the balance of the car

The tank comes complete with a separate fuel filler/collector as shown and is prefitted with a VDO fuel sender.

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