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Famous lightweight Gripper limited slip race differential unit for 105 non-LSD rear axles fitted with larger halfshafts. Note, most non-LSD axles have smaller halfshafts and would need our Gripper diff GB070. The legendary Gripper unit now made to our own lightweight specification (machined to the same lightweight profile as used by racing Jaguars with 500hp without compromising the strength of the unit). 70% lock up under load but only 40% on over-run providing tremendous traction not acheivable even using an original Alfa/ZF LSD unit. As standard they are 40/65 ramp angle with 12 clutch plates for 120nm initial static pre-load. They can also be supplied to order with 8 clutch plates for road use - 60nm initial static pre-load. Changing from road to race or vice versa can be done by any competent person in less than an hour without any special tools.         ALL GRIPPER UNITS NOW COME WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE - THAT'S HOW SURE THEY ARE ABOUT THEIR BUILD QUALITY AND STRENGTH. Gripper recommends the use of Morris LSD 80/140 oil which is available under item code GB079.   No machining work required to your Alfa diff housing - the Gripper unit is a direct bolt on replacement but you will need to reset the pre-load on the crown wheel bearings and set the backlash between the crown wheel and pinion. Also available for 2000-style LSD axles and for an early axles with standard (small) half shafts.  Most competitive & race-winning 105 series cars in the UK use Gripper diffs - its a race essential!  

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