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This Classic Alfa handling kit uses a 29mm “blade ends” front anti-roll bar (sway bar), This style of anti-roll bar (but 24mm) was introduced by Alfa on Spiders from 1988-93 and can be retro-fitted to all 105 series cars  The bar design is stronger and uses a far better drop link with ball joint ends. The kit comprises 29mm front anti-roll bar (sway bar), Superflex mounting rubbers, left & right later style droplinks, drop link bolts, front and rear springs.The use of the later superior style drop links (which has ball joints rather than rubber bushes) means that this anti-roll bar (sway bar) provides improved location and control over the earlier style drop links.. This later handling kit can also be fitted to all early 105 series cars. 

When fitted on post 1968 cars, we recommend the removal of the rear anti-roll bar (sway bar) as the rear spring rates are uprated and it is important to keep the rear suspension as compliant as possible for maximum traction. It lowers the car by approximately 40mm (1.5 inches) from the standard ride height.




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