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12mm lift hollow billet lightweight full race camshaft with 296 degrees duration at 0.30mm tappet clearance (264 degrees at 1mm lift). Designed by leading UK Alfa competition engine builder Jim Evans, whose experience and knowledge is second to none, this is our ultimate, full race inlet camshaft for 1600/1750/2000 engines. Use as a pair on 2000 engines or with EN521 on the exhaust side on 1600 and 1750 engines. Made in EU by very well respected camshaft manufacturer who supply many leading European race preparation companies.

Price is per camshaft.

Please note that with all performance camshafts (with a lift of more than 10.8mm) it may be necessary to make a simple modification to the shape of the cylinder head around the camshaft follower to allow the camshaft lobe to turn freely. This is particularly an issue with early (pre-1972) heads. 

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