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Dynamat SuperLite is a high-efficiency sound dampening material used to stop noise and vibration in your automobile. It is the same sticky butyl rubber Constrain Layer Damper (CLD) as Dynamat Xtreme but in a 30% thinner, and lighter form. Use Dynamat SuperLite when you need to quiet your car and get better sound, without adding too much weight. Key Features Light weight to reduce adding extra weight to car panels Each pack contains 12 sheets of Dynamat Superlite The sheet size is 457mm x 812mm (8" x 32") Makes your car a quieter and more enjoyable environment by reducing road noise and panel vibration Utilises patented Vector Chemistry to achieve high levels of dampening Constructed of a thin Butyl rubber layer bonded to a 2 millimetre thick aluminium layer A self-adhesive backing allows for a simple peel and stick application Suitable for application to any necessary body panel including the floor, doors, boot and firewall Contains 12 sheets 457mm x 812mm 8" x 32"

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